Coding style

We have to decide on some rules to make the code coherent. In particular, naming conventions, code organization and (the heart of it) some implementation details.

Naming conventions

Pluralize class and method names dumbly

Example: we have a class named Shelf. In english, its plurial is shelves. But it makes it a bit more difficult to search-and-replace and to be coherent in the API. Let’s see how chocking it is to pluralize it wrongly, with an s in the end: shelfs.

Quantity, qty, number, count ?

Prefer qty.

Method parameters naming

When the paramater is an id, say it:

def foo(card_id=None):

Otherwise, it should accept both an object and an id (as a string or an int), so you should check the type.


Don’t use Django’s serializer.

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