Client-side development

Html and CSS to improve the user interfacet

How to improve the user interface with html and CSS ?

Html with Jade templates

Note that we don’t write pure html, we use the jade templating language instead, which compiles to html.

Very quick reference:

<div class="nav", id="default-id", href="#">
   <ul> etc

is written

   ul etc
// and the div can be omitted:
   ul etc

Le’t consider possible pitfalls:

If you comment out a node, its children will be commented out as well

// div.commented

Bootstrap and custom CSS

The css file for the app is at search/static/search/style.css.

Our CSS layout and widgets come from Bootstrap3 and Angular-UI:

Add a bower dependency

If we want to use a new javascript library for development on the client side, we have to make the html page load it. We use bower for that. It is a quick process:

  1. add the library name and its version to the bower.json in the dependencies list.

    warning:: be sure to check the json format. Use your editor’s tool for that.

  2. install it:

    bower install

    The sources are now at static/bower_components/.

  3. add the path to the library’s minified js to the gulpfile.js, in the vendorJsFiles list. It is generally situated at static/bower_components/mylib/mylib.min.js but it can vary.

  4. build the javascript files:


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