Deployment and website management

We use gunicorn and whitenoise to serve static files.

Fabric helps to run remote management commands.

At the project root, type fab <TAB> and see the suggested actions.

Available commands so far:

  • create a new client
  • install a new Abelujo instance
  • update a specific project (fully, or a light update without calling apt, npm nor bower)
  • start, stop, restart a website
  • check the status of one or all projects
  • check how the projects are up to date with the main branch (how many commits behind)
  • upload a file to the server
  • run any make command in a specific project
  • check a bower package version
  • ...

Abelujo administration, custom management commands

In addition to using the fabfile commands, an Abelujo administrator may need to work manually on websites. Here some tips and pointers.

Re-initialize quantities to zero

Use our custom management command my_reset_quantities (all our custom commands start with my_ for better exploration).:

./ my_reset_quantities

If you wish to be more precise (set to n copies instead of zero, reset for only a place), this needs more work. See the method Card.quantities_to_zero and the same on Place.

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