Welcome to Abelujo’s developer documentation


How to contribute to Abelujo (git, gitlab, workflow)

To help develop Abelujo (welcome !) you need some basics in Python and Git. Then you’ll have to find your way in Django. You can help with html, css and javascript too. And if you’re experienced with Docker, you’ll have some work !

We use git as a source control system. You’ll need to learn the basics (essentially what git commit, git pull, git push and git branch do). To understand how creating branches help with our workflow, see the Github Flow (just replace Github by Gitlab).

Allright ! Take your time, I’ll wait for you. The next step is easier, you’re going to create an account on Gitlab.com. Gitlab is a web-based Git repository manager. It also has an issue tracking system and a basic wiki. It’s like Github, but there’s an open-source version of it. The sources of Abejulo are hosted on Gitlab.com . So, go there and create an account. You don’t need one to grab the sources, but you need one to cooperate with us.

Indeed, the workflow is as follows: - you have your copy of Abelujo, forked from the original, - you work on your repository. - you regularly update your repository with the modifications of the

original repository (you want to be up to date to avoid conflicts).
  • when you’re finished, you open a merge-request on Gitlab.
  • we discuss it, it is eventually merged.

Once you have an account, you need to fork Abelujo’s repository. With your fork, you’ll be able to (easily) suggest to us your new developments (through merge-requests). So, go on Abelujo’s repository and click your “fork” button.

Now you can pull the sources of yours Abelujo copy:

git clone git@gitlab.com:<your_user_name>/abelujo.git

Choose the ssh version of the link over the https one. With some configuration of ssh on your side, you won’t have to type your username and password every time.


If we recall well (ping us if needed), you need to add your ssh public key to your gitlab account (profile settings -> ssh keys). This key is located at “~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub”. If it doesn’t exist, create it with “ssh-keygen rsa”. A passphrase isn’t compulsory.

You’re ready to work on your local copy of Abelujo. You can commit changes and push them to your gitlab repository. Hey, we are also working on it at the same time, so don’t forget to pull the changes once in a while, and to work in a branch distinct from master, this will be easier.

And when you want to suggest changes to the official repository, you press the button “Pull Request”. We’ll have a place to tchat about your changes, and when a maintainer feels like it’s ok, he or she will merge your changes. We can also give you the right to do so.

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